Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment

The Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment was established in 2005 in response to the demands for the management of the vast variety of differences in natural resources in the North-East of Iran. These resources with their unique ecosystem are considered to be of much importance in this region. This faculty started its activities with two bachelor’s programs; i.e. Range and Watershed Management which are areas of specialization in Natural Environment Engineering, and Fishery Sciences. For the Master's programs, “Range Management and Watershed Management” and “Desert and Arid Zone Management” programs were established in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Based on its long-term plan, the faculty is seeking to establish other degree programs in Natural Resources Engineering disciplines such as Forestry. 

The Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment consists of four departments specialising in highly relevant programmes within the Ecology, Ecosystem, Arid management,watershed management, fisheries as well as Environment.

Below is a list of all the departments with a link to each department


Evironmental Science

Rangeland And Watershed Management

Desert and Arid Zones Management

Fishery Sciences


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